About Us

Sardar Pagri House celebrating 70 Golden Years of establishment.

Renowned worldwide as the house of Turbans, Sardar Pagri House is one of the oldest shops in Independent India. S. Jaswant Singh Ji, founder of the establishment & his Sons carried on the legacy for many years, These days his Grandson, Ravinder Singh, is carrying on the legacy of providing Sikhs around the World with Turbans in more than 500 shades. Sardar Pagri House has been exporting Turbans to Sikhs in the United States, Canada, Australia, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and many more.

Sardar Pagri House deals in wholesale & retail sales of Turbans. We provide the best Turban cloth quality in Rubia, Rubia Voile, Full Voile, and Malmal. Sardar Pagri House specializes in a Variety of Shades of Turbans that don’t fade. Starched Turbans for the elderly. Single Knot & Double Knot Patkas for Children.

Sardar Pagri House has no branch anywhere.